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May 08, 2008


Daniela Costa

Tim is the BEST teacher in the world! This is a fantastic opportunity to take a class from the MASTER! MDW is very lucky to have Tim in the house as he is booked well in advance of 1 year prior to coming to a store.. He will have you laughing and creating all day.. GO TIM!


Having been a teacher, one of the things I find frustrating about many arts & crafts classes is that creative people seem to be some of the worst teachers...not so with Tim...he has preprinted stickers(for techniques workshops) and printed handouts for projects. Little, if any, note taking is required. He also gives you sources for most of the products used in the project. He has a great delivery style...much humor and positive encouragement...even if he thinks you're about to go off the rails...he's a teacher's teacher AND he's extremely creative and artistic. And I love the fact that I never have had to bring anything to class. I live in San Diego, took my first classes from him there and then ended up taking more classes from him in Redlands and Tracy. That's how much I enjoyed these classes. And I'm now considering driving up north again. Well, I also love San Francisco...if you love altered art...these are classes you might want to check out.


I have not taken a class in person, but I have both of his DVDs and I LOVE them! He has fabulous techniques, and his presentation is so clear and easy to follow! Sign me up!

Sarah Misserian

I was lucky to take Tim's Class at My Daughter's Wish. He was fabulous!! I also took one of his classes at CKU in SJ it was great! Really looking forward to the classes!

Michelle R.

He is the king of techniques...I've taken a lot of classes with Tim & am leaving tomorrow to do the cruise to Alaska with him...he's innovative, fun, and inspiring. I recommend to everyone to take at least one class with him...they always sell out so you'll want to sign up quickly!

Sharon F.

T!m is a fantastic teacher he can keep a class of folks who are at different levels moving at the same time. Everyone finishes their projects and has a great time. Awesome classroom management and fun to boot!


I have taken several classes from Tim, and he is the best! He is so clear and so funny and so enthusiastic that everyone has a great time unleashing their creative spirit. Sign up! You won't regret it!


If you've seen his DVDs and liked him, you will LOVE him in person. He is such a great teacher, he really makes the time to give great instruction, then comes around to see what you are doing to help and praise. He is also funny as all get-out, super-energetic--how does he do all these classes back-to-back and his energy and enthusiasm never wanes. Highly recommended!

Therese Bradley

I'm crying right now because I have a family wedding to attend the weekend Tim is here. Otherwise I would sign up for ALL of his classes. I've taken several classes from Tim and he is an outstanding teacher. You never feel behind or that you can't do what he is asking you to do. He is super creative and very generous in sharing his knowledge. I love that he has everything you need supply wise. Really, you don't have to do anything except show up and have fun.I'm so envious of everyone who will be there. I wish you lots of playful discoveries.

maryjo materazo

tim is a FANTASTIC teacher! i took 3 classes w/ him last year & he more than exceeded my expectations. like everyone has expressed, he's informative, organized, personable, motivational AND entertaining! you really can't beat it. i would take a class w/ him anytime it's possible. can't wait! maryjo

Catherine Witherell

I have not taken a class with him yet but have been reading his blog and am excited because I just signed up for the "Assemblage of Flight" class. Yippee!

BTW Sheri, I am HappyDayArt!

Catherine Witherell



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