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June 15, 2008


Annemarie Victory

I am sharing this page from a larger set of layouts I made last month on Scrapblog. I was describing the role each of my family members played in shaping who I am. This is just my dad's page.

I hope it works.


I will see what I come up with :) When do they need to be posted by?


By Saturday, June 21. A new challenge will be posted Sunday:)

rebecca harper

Thanks for a great Challenge Casey... I love the thoughfulness... here is my post...


nancie irwin

i am gonna try to do this, but it won't be pretty!! i think mostly what my dad gave me was a broken heart and the lesson i learned was that someone can break your heart again and again. not pretty but i bet it will be therapeutic, so i am gonna try!! great idea casey even for those of us that are not able to be close to our dads. xo, nanc


Total inspiration! I enjoyed playing for Father's Day weekend.

My Papa who I trully miss since he is so far from me ( he is in APAC )taught me how to be a good daughter and a sister . He showed me how to love, how to share, how to accept, how to be grateful with all the blessings we have received. Being the eldest of the 5 children, my papa taught me how to understand. He is a good provider, my true hero. And I'm so lucky my DH is like him.

here's my 2 LOs I made last weekend.



Laura McCann

Awesome Casey!! need to get on this one!

Laura McCann

HEre is my version Casey!! That was fun! Thanks for hosting!


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