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July 20, 2008



HI! Well If I had taken a vacation in the last three years I would tell you how I managed! BUT since I havnt well when I went to a scrapbook retreat I just packed as if I was going to a crop Challenged myself to work with in the parameters of a few kits that i brought. (believe me that was a HUGE challenge) Thats about all the advice I have Good luck!


let me start with a simple solution to at least a little part of your problem: leave the sandbuckets (yes, both the red and the yellow one!) at home. It wil force the kids to be creative without them ;-) and you'll have just a little more space in the van for your scrapstuff.
second: I tried, I really did. I was working on a little kit for a traveljournal and took it with me on a weekend-trip. I really had to be picky what to bring 'cause we dont have a van. we don't even have a car. we travel by train. I found time to work on it once during the trip, and hubby complained 'cause he wanted to sleep and I couldn't scrap with the lights out. I finished the journal the day after we got back. Point of this story: I managed to choose what to take with me and was very proud of myself for that. Picking the colors in advance works best, that way you don't have to bring all you scrapstuff, only everything that matches the colors ;-) and bring embellishments you can use in different ways, like journallingspots. and some basics like glue, scissors, black marker, pen and double sided tape.
The big problem for me was finding the TIME during the trip.

Julie Tucker

LOVE IT!!! :):):):) I'm an at the moment scrapper too......when we were at SIScon....I brought EVERYTHING! :):):):):) Have fun on your trip! :):):):):):):)

mandie segura

I honestly would just focus on snapping pics and collecting memorabilia to play with when you get home. Maybe even check out a LSS and buy a few thing there to use once you get home. just have fun and enjoy the time that you're having with your fam making memories. :)


I would go with the "packing ATC supplies" idea. They are smaller and more manageable. I don't think you'd have enough space to scrap a 12x12 page in the car. :)

I'm also a "in the moment scrapper". I always pack just about everything I have if i go to a crop event. That's why I like people to come to my house & scrap with me! :)

Hope you have a great time.

Danica (dljack75)

so glad you joined the world of blogging, Lydia!

gotta add your blog to my favorite blogs list.

Kathleen Bing

I usually stuff a big ziploc with random papers and embellies and supplies and force myself to make a mini using only those!


I generally like to like to capture the everything in a ziplock baggy, but I also go and visit stores that are in the area.


I am so a 'in the moment scrapper' so I just can't scrap on vacation. To fill my creativity I take a diary, my doodling pens, a few small clear stamps, ink pad, sticky dots and create a journal of my actual vacation. I'll collect lots of things when visiting places - everything from leaflets to napkins and use these instead of papers. I'll add in tickets and doodle and write all about my holiday as it happens - that way I wont forget anything. The best bit is it fits into a little bag and you can leave spaces to add photos once you get home.

Annemarie (mommyvictory)

As Mandi said:
I honestly would just focus on snapping pics and collecting memorabilia to play with when you get home.

I so agree...I just snap, snap, snap and think about where/how I can use the pictures when I get home. It's a lot more fun that way and you don't have to worry about losing supplies, etc.

Hope it's a great trip.

Kelli P.

Scrap on Vacation! Wow wouldn't that be great! The only way I would be scrapping on vacation is if I'm not with my hubby. In that case I did a girl's weekend and scrapped and I just bring smaller amounts and then if there is something I don't have I want for a page, I move on to the next page.


I didn't pack any papers at all. I packed assorted journaling cards, a small assortment of embellishments that went with where we were going (I would pack more arrows), a few cat's eye inks and a date stamp, water color pencils and a water brush, a few color markers, 2 Zigs and 2 slick writers. Non stick scissors, Zig glue, dry glue runner (& a refill), pencil. I think that was it. I put it all in a zippered Clinique bag. I used brochures for photos and left space for small pics for when I got home. I managed to finish the journal the day after I got home. Loved doing it, but I didn't have any little ones tagging along...just a hubby who doesn't see any point in scrapping anyway. :0)


I just got back from vacation, I brought stuff with me to finish an ATC swap but I was so busy with everything else I didn't have time to even work on them, so I got home on Saturday and the first thing Sunday a.m. I got up and busted them out. I should have been at church but I was being bad, still said my prayers!

I would die to take a TH class, I can't even imagine how good it would feel to be in his personal space. I think he is about one of the coolest people that I haven't me, up there with JJ:) I am so depressed now that I can't take a class of his. Wonder if I could get him to come to my house, we could have a good time???

OK I am excited to hear how you manage!


Hope we can meet up in Tahoe, but I'm not bringing scrapping supplies! It'll be purely a social visit, LOL. Have fun on that road trip!

Erin Glee

If I ever go anywhwere, I'd like to try taking a mini album and a Zip-lock bag of essentials, like Ali Edwards does, (along the lines of your reader, Peggy)...that sounds manageable! I like the idea of the Journaling being so fresh and promenant... not the measly afterthought that Journaling usualy is for me when I Scrapbook way after the event is over.
Have a Monkey of a good time!


Have an absolute blast in Tahoe - what a wonderful place to be this time of year! I hope you take lots of cool photos so that even if you're not scrappig in the moment there, you can when you get home and have lots to choose from!



I haven't received the gift certificate. Did you snail mail it? Let me know! :)
Jen R

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