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August 19, 2008



great challenge casey love it!!!

Laura McCann

This is awesome Casey!! Love it!

rebecca Harper

Oh.. I need to do this... I have some old paper in my closet....

nancie irwin

i will definitely have to try this, that is if i can find some ugly paper in my stash. you know i have such good taste that i may never have ever purchased ugly paper!! kidding of course, i am sure i have a ton of ugliness just waiting to be made pretty.


Nicely done!
...I appreciate that you were willing to get "messy" for your Ugly paper! :) :) :) hee



I had such a great time with this challenge! I used some ugly paper which I received from a monthly layout program and turned it into something I consider a master piece. This is what I did:
1. Gesso ugly paper all over
2. Tore strips of ugly co-ordinating paper.
3. Inked
4. Distressed/scruffed up with this weird metalic pot scrubber thing my BBF brought home
5. Glimmer misted
6. Applied an assortment of altered school pictures of my baby mimicing some old masters such as The Mona Lisa.
I am really happy with the results and had a great time creating my re-newed and improved masterpiece!
Thanks Casey!

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